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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"64 Shades of Face Tan"....Chapter 2

He didn't want to, but new it had to be done. He pulled on his worn New Balance kicks that went well with the khaki shorts and standard white t-shirt that was a little too tight, showing of his new found rippling abs. His tank was filled with the fuel that could start only his motor running, and with the strenuous pull of the cord, his adventure began. The slow rhythmic pace only quickened as he continued...back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes the activity would seemingly last hours and, while it was wearing on him, he new that it was good, as only he could achieve the desired results. At the end it seemed as if his heart would burst as the pace quickened...back and forth, back and forth....finally with one final burst of heretofore unheard of passion and energy, he pushed and released, sending the machine that he had used flying across time, his strenuous activity finished. His final thought as he settled into his chair...."Man, I cannot wait to move into a Town home so I don't have to mow the damn lawn anymore!!!"


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    1. Thanks LeeLee, but truth be told, you are awesomer!!!! Good luck with the wedding planning!!!! Dan